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We believe realizing an IT project is more than just linking a number of developers to an application. That’s why we want to go further. This starts with carefully selecting suitable partners to work with. Companies that regard their people as valuable assets, invest in them, but also focus on quality! In addition, we also want to monitor with you as a customer that the desired result is achieved and that advantageous hiring of developers ultimately leads to marginal profit due to heavy project delays and misunderstandings, we would be happy to tell you more about this!


Enjoy the best

Of course it is always possible to connect directly with the teams of our partners. But we also understand that you sometimes struggle with delivering the right documentation for a project, or translating it to the developers.

That is why we work with trusted partners in the Netherlands who can help you take these steps. We would be happy to discuss your question with you and we will think along with you in tailor-made solutions to ensure that the quality can be jointly guaranteed.

We also like to remain involved in your projects, based on a piece of ‘Quality assurance’. If you wish, we will regularly discuss progress and performance with you as a customer and with your development team. If things are not to your liking, we will get to work to solve it!


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To assure quality we believe to work together with the experst locally and abroad, to ensure that the right solution will be achieved for our costumers

Erwin Bretscher


Founder and Sales lead for ELIT. Strong believe in sustainable relations based on quality and transparency

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